About Us

The App

Ignio is the only iPhone app that helps you live, share, and track your Catholic Faith. Through a circle of friends sharing prayer and scripture provided by the application, Ignio tracks a person’s faith and brings their spiritual life into a social media environment.

We can check into restaurants and we can post statuses on how our day is going, but is there an app that takes the life of the spirit and not only tracks it but shares it with a group of friends? Jesus had 12 followers and chose that small community to teach and live His life in a way that changed the world forever. Inspired by Christ Himself, Ignio lets you share your prayers and thoughts on scripture readings or anything going on in your life with a group of 12 close friends, creating the space for Christian community on a mobile app.

Taking your spiritual life to your mobile device, Ignio fills the gap between the outward expression of your relationship with God, and creates a social media platform for our shared life with God. It’s the vital connection that bridges the fundamental life with God that is as old as humanity, and connects it to the social media lifestyle we’ve created for ourselves in the 21st century.

The Team

Ignio is a project of WeDoBelieve, a Catholic ‘evangelization accelerator’ seeking to fund forward thinking evangelization efforts and products. Ignio’s team is led by the five co-founders: Roberto Skertchly, Andres Ruzo, Jonathan Ogle, Flip Caderao, and Brandon Copely. They have been working on Ignio for the past year.

A Bishop’s Blessing

Ignio was blessed and commissioned by The Most Reverend Bishop Kevin J. Farrell of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas, Texas on August 21st, 2011.

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